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May Pick Of the Month

Wow!!!!, what a wonderful Mother's Day with my two beautiful children and husband.  Thanks for making Mother's Day so special.  For this lovely spring season I thought I would post an easy dessert recipe that I use when I don't feel like doing heavy baking.  Thisberryfilled recipe is by Ree Drumnon and boy can she cook.  Once you have tried it with the blackberries, you can experiment with other berries as well.  I have used blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries and all came out just as delish.

Holiday Extras - Must try!!!!!

Try these  Eggnog cookies, a little different but honestly its worth trying for the holidays.

November recipe of the Month

Everyone have those leftover, over ripe bananas that you hate to discard.  Well I came across a banana bread recipe that everyone including my picky son love.  This is definitely a keeper for my family.  Try it and enjoy. Here is the link:

May's cake pick just click on the picture for recipe


New Recipe for April

This month has been most interesting.  I had foot surgery and man, I couldn't bake for days.  Nevertheless I found a quick easy recipe for scones  by Alton my favorite Food Network Celebrity. I think you would love.  I was able to do this recipe on one foot.  You can do it on two.  LOL and enjoy.

Wonderful Butter Rum Cake

Butter Rum Cake.docx (DOCX — 14 KB)
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Special Cake for my Sweetie

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and I will be baking in honor of his DAY.  A delightful Chocolate Stout recipe I came across on my favorite site " Epicurious"  Will let you know how it comes out.  Here is a link to the recipe.  Do try it.


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May Pick Of the Month
Holiday Extras - Must try!!!!!
November recipe of the Month
May's cake pick just click on the picture for recipe
New Recipe for April


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